Ubisoft and Nadeo have released the PC racing game TrackMania² Stadium for £7.99/$9.99/€9.99. The game is available on the ManiaPlanet platform and downloadable through trackmania.com and via Steam.

TrackMania² Stadium is the latest in the successful Trackmania series, a racing game phenomenon with over 12 million registered users.

Stadium benefits from a new single-player campaign, new content creation tools, as well as an overhauled graphics and lighting engine. This engine provides high-quality, scalable visuals, and the new content and creation tools offer greater diversity for the TrackMania community.

TrackMania² Stadium is the next evolution of the series and a fitting successor to the popular TrackMania Nations Forever. TrackMania Nations Forever gathered over 1 million players in its first few weeks and has grown ever since, reaching over 12 million players by 2013.

TrackMania² Stadium is the return of the Stadium environment enjoyed by millions of players in TrackMania Nations Forever. Packaged within the ManiaPlanet platform, TrackMania² Stadium delivers improved in-game services, amazing graphics and a deep, feature-packed track editor that has become synonymous with the TrackMania name.

Coupled with its extremely accessible gameplay, Stadium brings together creative gamers thanks to the extensive track editor. Everyone can enjoy hours of racing on player-generated tracks and content, continually updated. A favourite among eSports competitors, Stadium now benefits from the competitive multiplayer services that the ManiaPlanet platform provides.