With the launch of today’s game update, Darkness Dawns, Sony Online Entertainment concludes the EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity (2012) expansion and ends the epic story of Velious that began years ago.

Picking up from where the powerful relic was uncovered during the Scars of the Awakened game update (2013), Darkness Dawns leads players on a new quest that will turn the world on its head. The resulting events contain astonishing changes where players will be essential to the story’s direction.

Darkness Dawns Features:

  • Fabled Dungeons: New high-level versions of old favorites from the first EQII expansion (Desert of Flames) return, including current high-level loot
  • Character Advancement Templates (CATs): Players can now select fully completed character builds to exchange and rebuild at will… with no re-specialization fees!
  • New Contested Avatar Raids (3): Go up against three new contested avatars in the overlands -Prexus, Solusek Ro and Drinal
  • Arena of the Gods: A new raid instance allowing 24 players to challenge any of 9 avatars that are in game
  • Daily Objectives: Earn valuable tokens to spend on unique and useful loot!
  • Tradeskill & PvP: New high-end tradeskill apprentice goodies and PvP rewards

Darkness Dawns is now available as a free game update to the EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity expansion. Details concerning EverQuest II‘s upcoming 10th expansion will be revealed next month at SOE Live in Las Vegas (Aug 1-4).